About me

I was 15 years old before I was allowed to experiment with makeup for the first time. I was a late-bloomer and I took it upon myself to make up for lost time. Makeup instantly became a passion of mine. I'm grateful that I get to practice my art and passion as a career. Not only does makeup fulfill me creativity, it inspires me. I'm inspired by the power of hair and makeup. How it can transform people and influence emotions, such as happiness. How it affects people's lives and can help them achieve their dreams. With hair and makeup, you can bring out a personality, bring to light features and create a new character. With hair and makeup, rules are meant to be broken and definitions are open to be redefined.


  • Hair & Make up Artist Course - Graduated: 08/2019
  • Business Administration Bachelor's Degree - Graduated: 05/2016
  • Assistant Tax Consultant - Graduated: 02/2015

After graduating from business administration degree, I worked one year full time in a tax office. It was there that I realised that a desk job wouldn't fulfill my creativity or bring me happiness in life. Through the Hair & Makeup Artist course, I found the outlet I needed to broaden my creative horizon.